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InSIC and International Solar Alliance jointly organises International Webinar on Carrington Effect and its Impact on the Regional Grid

Experts from FMI, Helsinki University, ESA, and NASA to Share Insights on March 22nd, 2024

InSIC, in collaboration with the International Solar Alliance (ISA), is excited to announce the organization of an International Webinar on Carrington Effect and its Impact on the Regional Grid. Scheduled for March 22nd, 2024, at 6:00 PM IST, the event will be conducted via Google Meet, bringing together esteemed experts from institutions such as FMI's (Finnish Meteorological Institute), Helsinki University, ESA, and NASA. These experts specialize in Carrington storms and their potential impact on Grid Systems, promising an enlightening session for attendees.

The primary purpose of the webinar is to raise awareness about the Carrington Effect and its potential implications on the regional power grid. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the "One Sun One World One Grid" vision of the Government of India. Furthermore, the event aims to foster international collaboration in the development and implementation of protocols to mitigate potential risks associated with Carrington storms.

The insightful discussions during the webinar will contribute to a deeper understanding of the challenges posed by Carrington events and facilitate the exchange of knowledge among experts and stakeholders. The overarching goal is to enhance preparedness and resilience in the face of solar phenomena, in line with global efforts to ensure sustainable and reliable energy systems.

For those unable to attend the live session, the recorded version of the webinar will be made available on InSIC's YouTube channel, ensuring that the valuable insights shared during the event reach a wider audience. Stay tuned for a wealth of information on Carrington storms, their impact on grid systems, and collaborative strategies to address potential challenges.

8 Mar 2024

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