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1. Full Name & Contact details

    Name: Santi Pada GonChaudhuri


    Contact: +919831079359
    Location: Kolkata, India

2. Area of expertise

  • Renewable Energy

  • Energy Management

  • Off grid &Microgrid Systems

  • Distributed Generation

3. Education

  • BE in Electrical Engineering  .

  • Specialisation  on Renewable  Energy.

  • D.Sc from University of Calcutta in the year 2009.

  • Cert-IV on renewable Energy from TAFE ,Govt of Queensland


4. Specialization

  • Expert Services to Power and Energy sector.

  • Expert Services to Renewable Energy Power plants specially Solar PV and Biomass.

  • Engineering Services to Off grid and Distributed generation.


5. Experience

  • Worked as Managing Director West Bengal Green Energy Development Corporation, Govt of West Bengal. (duration-1993-2003)

  • Worked as Special Secretary (Energy) to  Govt of West Bengal.(duration 2003-2009).

  • Designed and installed India’s first Mini grid project in Sundarban ,Islands of West Bengal (Solar and biomass based).

  • Designed and installed India’s first MW level Solar Power Plant (capacity 2 MW).

  • Formulated Renewable Energy policy , Roof top Solar Policy Climate Action Plan  for the state of West Bengal and Tripura.

  • Designed Solar Power system for Marshall Island under UN assignment.

  • Installed India’s first wind-diesel hybrid power plant in Sagar Island of West Bengal under India-Canada Funding Project.

  • 30 years of experience in handling Solar PV  projects (small and large).

  • Former Chairman, Ashden India Renewable Energy Collective. A pan India non

  • profit company promoting off grid renewable in India


6. Present Occupation

  • Professor in Green Energy Centre of Indian Institute Engineering    Science and Technology, Calcutta.

  • International Chairman, International Solar Innovation Council,Helsinki  .

  • President, NBIRT, A leading rural technology resource centre of North Eastern India.

  • Consultant to Lakshadweep Island Administration of Govt of India on Island Electrification with Decentralised sources.

  • Member (Energy),Tripura State Planning Board ,Govt of Tripura.

Prof. (Dr.) S.P.Gon Chaudhuri

Prof. (Dr.) S.P.Gon Chaudhuri

Vice-Chairperson | Board Member | Editorial team member of the newsletter | Grant evaluation committee member | Grant follow-up committee member

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