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1. Full Name & Contact details 

Name: Risto Isomäki


Contact: +358-44-3442414

Location: Finland

2. Professional Career

Isomäki is a Finnish science and science fiction writer, a forester and an environmental activist.  His books have been published in approximately twenty different languages and he has been involved in dozens of international cooperation projects related to agroforestry systems and renewable energy in Eastern and Southern Africa, South Asia, Indonesia and Mexico.


His main areas of expertise are: 1. multi-storey home gardens and other agroforestry systems and their role in food and energy production and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere  2. risk factors related to nuclear technologies   3. how to adapt renewable energy systems to benefit the poorer segments of the population.

Mr Isomäki is the chairman of the Coalition for Environment and Development and a board member of the Atmosmare Foundation, involved with its cetacean and ocean conservation work.  He is also actively involved with the peat swamp rainforest, mangrove forest and seagrass meadows conservation and replanting programme of the Siemenpuu Foundation and with various political campaigns aiming to humanize the treatment of cows and other domestic animals.

Risto Isomaki

Risto Isomaki

Vice-Chairperson | Board Member | Head of the Grant evaluation committee | Editorial team member of the newsletter

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