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1. Full Name & Contact details

    Name: Tahkokorpi Markku Toivo


    Contact: +358 50 1445

    Location: Finland


2. Area of expertise

  • Solar energy, innovations, techno-economic analysis, startup business, R&D 

3. Professional Career

  • About 30 year of Research and Development work at Nokia Corporation. Few years of Renewable energy consulting, entrepreneur and solar energy adviser in Utuapu Ltd since 2013.

4. Specialization

  • Solar and ICT technologies, Techno-economics, innovation management.

5. Experience

  • Several years of R&D work on renewable energy solutions for developing markets. Several years in management positions in Renewable energy associations (Solar Energy Assiociation, Local Renewable Energy Association.

6. Present Occupation

  • Founder, Entrepreneur, Solar energy adviser at Utuapu Ltd.

  • Editorial team member of the newsletter | Pilot project evaluation team member, INSIC

Markku Tahkokorpi

Markku Tahkokorpi

Treasurer | Board Member | Editorial team member of the newsletter | Grant evaluation committee member

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