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InSIC Funded School Program held on December 2022

Solar ambassador program to popularize Solar & Renewable Energy

The main objective of this programme is to create awareness of young generation on use of Solar Energy in different spheres of life and protect the climate. InSIC has a partnership with NBIRT, India in this context.

Dec, 2022 Programme: - On 16th Dec, 2022 InSIC invited Jadavpur Vidyapith a reputed Govt of West Bengal aided school of Kolkata to participate in the InSIC School Programme. Twelve number of Students (Boys and Girls) of 10th, 11th and 12th standard with their teachers participated in the Programme.

A presentation on ‘Introduction to Renewable Energy’ was made by Shri Richik Ghosh Thakur, InSIC Board Member.

Experiment performed by the students: Pico Hydel Plant, Clean Lighting and Cooking System, A Hybrid Solar Lighting System, Solar Water Purification System, Factors affecting Solar PV Performance.

Thereafter the students participated in the interactive session. They were told about Principles of Solar Energy and Solar Panels were given to them for measuring Voc, Isc etc.

After lunch the students interacted with Prof. S.P. Gon Chaudhuri from India and Mr. Markku Tahkokorpi & Mr. Risto Isomaki from Finland. They discussed about various issues related to Solar Energy Research, Future opportunities, Exchange Programme etc.

In the concluding session an assessment was conducted and individual marking was given by the experts.


Feedback From the Students:

  • Aranyo Ray (X)- This was a very interesting experience for me.

  • Trinanjana Dutta (X)- I gained new knowledge on sustainable development and its need.

  • Aman Nandy (X)- I came to know lot more about solar energy and its different form of uses.

  • Saptashwa Sarkar (X)- It was an amazing experience to see such Renewable Energy based Projects.

  • Mainak Dhar (XII)- It was a great day experiencing such variety of practical experiments.

  • Abhik Paul (XII)- It was such an informative programme.

  • Sonika De (XI)- InSIC school programme is one of the best programme that I have attended.

  • Punam Ghosh (XI)- I would be glad if I get a chance to be a part of this programme again.

  • Souhardya Sen (XI)- It was an exquisite opportunity for me to attend the programme.

  • Sritama Sarkar (XI)- I gained a lot of knowledge and experience about Renewable Energy.

  • Adrika Sau (XI)- I learned a lot through hand-on experience practically on this programme.

  • Sanjana Ganguly (XI)- We were made aware about the advantages of solar energy.

  • Mainak Dhar (XII)- It was a great day experiencing such variety of practical experiments.

  • Abhik Paul (XII)- It was such an informative programme.

Feedback From the Teachers:

  • Susanta Gupta (Assistant Teacher)- Very informative & enthusiastic exposure on different forms of Renewable Energy for both students and teachers. The interactive session and hands-on exposure quite impressive.

  • Subhro Ray Chaudhuri (Assistant Teacher)- Nice exposure on Solar energy innovations. Students came to know about their carrier options in the field of solar energy.

16 Dec 2022

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